You want to feel better and fitter?

Activity, movement is the best way to improve your health and your way of life; of how you feel in and with your life. It’s about you. Everything centers around your health!

Whether you choose to run outdoors, explore the neighborhood by Nordic Walking, enjoy the weather with fitness in the park; or focus on indoor gymnastics to enhance your flexibility and strength (back/legs/pelvic muscles), I can create a Personal Training program to support your goals and needs. I offer both group and personalized training for your convenience.

Movement is the optimal choice for your body, your spirit and your complete wellbeing.
That’s why I say: move for more health!


Functional training with sling trainer

Do you want to be back in form?

BeWEGung für mehr Gesundheit offers excellent and diverse options to kickstart your exercise program. Just contact me (Nina Westphal, Sportscientist) and we can decide together how to proceed.
Phone 040. 63 69 35 26
Email kontakt@bewegung-hh.de




Fit werden durch Astronautentraining

Rücken fit

Rückenstärkung mit dem Slingtrainer

So wird man fit

Mit professioneller Unterstützung, Kontrolle und individueller Korrektur der Bewegungsabläufe können Sie das Optimale aus sich und Ihrem Körper herausholen. Ich, Nina Westphal, Sportwissenschaftlerin, unterstütze Sie dabei gern.

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