SPACECURL - optimize or regenerate

The origin of this 3-axle training machine began at NASA for astronaut training. Since then it has been successfully used in the treatment of orthopedic and neurologic problems/illnesses; and to optimize performance.  I got to know the SPACECURL through the successful treatment of people with back pain, -problems. Especially the deep musculature is trained effectively in these 3 huge rings of the SPACECURL The reason for that is that those deep muscles can not be activated via activity rather through reflex. 

The advantage of the reflex-training in the SPACECURL lies in the safety while standing. You cannot fall because your feet and hip are fixed. The sense of balance is positively influenced, activated.

The machine might appear intimidating for those with a sensitive stomach, but it actually relieves patients with balance problems and reduces dizziness and tinnitus.  

I have substantial expertise and training on the SPACECURL(since 2004),and you benefit from my  extensive experience on this specialized machine. It is a unique type of training, involving freedom of movement, with self-controlled direction and speed building core strength. And it is a LOT of fun!

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3 open rings

Moving forward

Fixed feet for safety

How to get fit

Bewegung ist der beste Weg zu mehr Gesundheit und einem besseren Lebensgefühl. Egal, ob draußen beim Nordic Walking, drinnen beim gezielten Muskeltraining, mit Spaß in der Gruppe oder beim Einzeltraining

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