Move plus Baby

Mothers on the move - beWEGung plus Baby

Babies on the move make mummies fit

Get fit after your pregnancy – no baby-sitter needed! Just bring your baby with you either in the stroller or carry baby in a sling. At “Move with your baby” – beWEGung plus Baby we train in the fresh air, in the Hamburg Stadtpark for 60 minutes. I provide group or personal training, motivate and coach on correct movements to get fit. We use tubes, park benches, and techniques to leverage the baby’s weight for strength training.

10 sessions for 99 €.

Currently, I train a group of mums on Mondays and Fridays from 9.30-10.30. We can start another day and time, for move with your baby for a group of at least three mothers(or more).


Nordic Walking plus Baby.

In order to train independently outside in fresh air without any hassles of getting a baby-sitter, you can choose Nordic Walking plus Baby. Keep your baby in a carrier sling on your body. I provide effective Nordic Walking techniques and training tips for endurance, and how you can use the Nordic Walking sticks for body strength and stretch exercises.

Once you are comfortable with your Nordic Walking technique you can continue to proceed on your own towards.



Women with big breasts/boobs (most) often have problems with their back. Some females experience it in their pregnancy when breast get fuller, bigger, heavier.

In the course Bra-Fitness we focus on this part of the body in addition to the general overall exercises. The content consists of strengthening and stretching the corresponding certain muscles, make more stable for the body and providing tips & tricks.






Wie man fit wird

Bewegung ist der beste Weg zu mehr Gesundheit und einem besseren Lebensgefühl. Egal, ob draußen beim Nordic Walking, drinnen beim gezielten Muskeltraining, mit Spaß in der Gruppe oder beim Einzeltraining.

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